10 Business Ideas for Startups Looking To Cash in on the Marijuana Boom

The cannabis industry is growing every day, and that means that there are tons of opportunities available for entrepreneurial go-getters to cash in on. For those who are interested in joining the cannabis industry. It is the perfect moment. More and more states are legalizing cannabis, which means that the industry. In general, is becoming more accepted and growing. To help startups who want to join the cannabis industry. Here are some business ideas to help you find your niche. You can see 10 Business Ideas for Startups Looking to Cash in on the Marijuana Boom.

1. Cannabis PR

No matter what industry you are in, getting national press coverage can be a challenge. However, if you already have PR experience and a strong network of journalists, reporters, and editors. Then consider the value you could add to the cannabis industry.

As the cannabis industry continues to become more mainstream and struggles with the public perception of the niche. It can sometimes be difficult for companies to get coverage beyond trade or niche publications and go mainstream.

Working in PR for the cannabis industry can be an extremely rewarding career because it can help educate writers and journalists to dispel the myths and stigma that currently cloud the sector.

2. Technology Developer

All industries need technical help, so if you have experience creating software programs or apps. You could translate those skills over to the cannabis industry. There is an increasing rise of entrepreneurs and online retail businesses who want to make their lives easier. So there is a great need for technology developers. This need will only grow. So you might as well get into the industry now.

3. Security Services

Unfortunately, many banks and financial transaction processors won’t do business with the cannabis industry. Until these changes, there is a strong need for security services. Cannabis businesses require an enormous amount of cash. So there will always be a need to protect that from potential thieves.

Some of the security services that are required include:

  • On-site security
  • Armored transport
  • Secured storage of goods and money
  • Video surveillance

4. Herbal Florist

The cannabis industry is even changing the traditions of weddings. It is now not uncommon to see a bouquet of lush, dense green buds at weddings as well as other weed-centered activities. Setting up a business as a niche florist could be a great way to help cannabis become more mainstream. You could create an exceptional flower delivery service that creates custom arrangements for all occasions.

5. Cannabis Event Planner

For those who are creative and excel at planning and organizing events, then you should consider joining the cannabis industry as an event planner. You should also be ambitious, charismatic, and have a sharp eye for detail to excel in this field.  As cannabis use becomes more widely accepted. There will be more and more events that will need to be organized.

The types of events include:

  • Networking
  • Trade shows
  • Social events
  • Music or culture festivals
  • Weddings

6.  Cannabis Bud and Breakfast

Right now, the cannabis tourism industry is prevalent and is expected to grow in the future. The demand for cannabis-friendly lodging is becoming higher, especially as more states legalize marijuana. However, even in states where it is legal to purchase. There are not many places where people can consume their legal cannabis, outside of their homes.

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Therefore, a cannabis bud and breakfast inn could be a great way to fill that void. People want to find a place where they can indulge in cannabis but without having to worry about the legality of smoking it.

7.  Cannabis Painting Classes

The cannabis community is very social, and, unfortunately. There is a lack of cannabis-focused events out there. There are many more events that are centered around drinking alcohol versus taking cannabis. An example is paint and drink classes. The participants drink alcohol while painting, but this could be changed to become more cannabis-friendly where cannabis consumption replaces alcohol consumption. You could set up a similar business model by including pottery classes, yoga, cannabis mediation, and video gaming. Essentially. You can adapt any activity to include cannabis consumption.

8.  Cannabis Guided Tours

For those who live in a big city with tons of cannabis businesses. It could be an excellent opportunity for a startup to create a company that guides visitors to various cannabis businesses. You could showcase different farms, dispensaries, or cannabis activities around your city. This could be a great way to introduce newcomers to cannabis and help show off the best cannabis products in your town. Or, instead of a walking or bus tour. You could launch a bike tour company that helps to educate participants on the history of cannabis and the fight for legalization.

9. Cannabis Industry Consultant

Many people are entering into the cannabis market. But many are not knowledgeable enough to avoid potential pitfalls and understand the strategies of the industry. If you are knowledgeable of the market and industry. Then you could position yourself as an expert consultant who can help clients with anything cannabis-related, including branding, web design, and regulatory compliance.

10. Cannabis Cosmetics

All natural beauty products are becoming more popular. So this could be a great way to cash in on the business and combine two industries. You could launch a cannabis beauty products business that uses different forms of cannabis. Including CBD in areas where recreational use of marijuana isn’t legal yet. You could sell anything from cannabis creams, face washes, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, candles. And more can be made and sold at either dispensaries or farmer’s markets.

Parting Shot…

Thankfully, the cannabis industry is booming, and there are many opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of. As more reform and legalization occurs throughout the United States. It is safe to assume that there will be even more opportunities in the future. No matter what your skill set is. There is sure to be something for you to get into the cannabis industry.

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