Cannabis Social Media Influencers

In a world where the younger demographic is constantly tuned into news on social media, it should come as no surprise that cannabis consumers are following the trends of cannabis growth through platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Cannabis Social Media Influencers.

Cannabis Social Media Influencers

Cannabis businesses can capitalize on the reach of social media as a means to market their brand and services. For the next 20 influencers, they live, sleep, and breathe cannabis, and thousands of people tune in for every post.

Though some social platforms have guidelines that include shutting down posts including illegal drug paraphernalia, these 20 accounts advocate for cannabis’ uses throughout history and its legal implementation in today’s society.

Social platforms

The first on this list will come as no surprise to his 28.4 million Instagram followers. Snoop Dogg’s image has been almost synonymous with cannabis for over two decades, and his followers, whether they’re following for his rap music or for his interest in marijuana-based endeavors, have been faithful regardless.



The second major influencer, who has become a household name for cannabis enjoyers, is Tommy Chong. Chong’s Instagram bio acts as his resume; it markets him as a “Comedian, Actor, Writer, Activist, Musician, Dancer, and occasionally smoke a little bit of pot, man.” Chong also founded his own cannabis business, called “Chong’s Choice”, a dispensary that delivers hemp products to businesses up and down the California coast, and to Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada. Chong’s website,, is an online marketplace for his full product line. Chong uses platforms like Instagram and Twitter (he also has 482K followers on there) to advertise his goods and his brand.


The third influence is not a person, but instead a magazine. High Times Magazine promotes cannabis trends via an online newsletter format. The website has menus for Health, Culture, Grow, Products, Events, TV, and even places to invest and subscribe to either the print or electronic magazine. Since 1974, High Times has been pumping out cannabis-centric articles related to all aspects of use; as of 2016, High Times even launched merchandise. A big proponent of cannabis for medicinal needs, High Times regularly posts articles about legalization efforts and first-hand encounters with medical marijuana. In addition, High Times also hosts the annual Cannabis Cup award. The magazine’s 2.3 million Instagram followers engage by the thousands to each picture, post, an event from the company.


Coming in at fourth on our influencer list is another household name. Berner, born as Gilbert Milam Jr., began his career as a rapper in 2012 when he was signed onto Wiz Khalifa’s record label. Since then, Berner’s career shot into the cannabis spotlight when he began making music that incorporated lyrics about marijuana, and his music videos frequently show he and others smoking joints. His Instagram and Twitter accounts have a combined 1.25 million followers, and his Youtube channel has almost 500,000 subscribers. In addition, Berner is a cannabis entrepreneur after starting Cookies, a cannabis company that works out of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.


To round out the top five, an account that 832 thousand followers on Instagram, is Dabbing Granny. 63-year-old dabbing_granny, an internet sensation, began her claim to cannabis fame in 2015, when she posted a video to her personal Facebook account of her smoking. That video racked in half a million views in the first week and off her career went. Now, Dabbing Granny, whose real name is Gail, uses sites like Instagram to show off her colorful bongs and art from her national, and international, fanbase.


The sixth social media influencer may be an unlikely name to see in connection with cannabis. In reality, Whoopi Goldberg founded her own medical marijuana business called “Whoopi and Maya”. The “Maya” in the equation, one Maya Elisabeth, is the founder of Om Edibles, which has a reputation for medical cannabis in California and Colorado. The girl power energy translated into a business selling medical cannabis to ease menstrual discomfort in the forms of bath soaks and balms.


Another star turned marijuana advocate is country music’s, Willie Nelson. At 85 years old, he tops the list for eldest cannabis social media influencer, but his age is hardly a deterrent for the 433,000 followers that engage with his Instagram account. Outside of his social media and country music presences, Willie’s Reserve exists to remind fans that he is much more than just a man with braids crooning about lost love.


Leafly – All Things Cannabis, found on Instagram as “leafy”  markets itself as the “World’s Cannabis Information Resource.” Leafly’s Instagram page posts pictures and videos from local marijuana growers and educates its 372,000 followers on how to harvest, recycle, and utilize marijuana legalization. The company’s website even features a weekly podcast that highlights cannabis trends worldwide.


With 222K followers on Instagram and 3.86K subscribers on, Koala Puffs is no stranger to cannabis. Her Instagram page is littered with pictures and videos of her smoking. Anjela, known better by her social media handle “koala.puffss”, utilizes her website to spread the word about her brand and to share discount codes from some of her favorite cannabis companies.


Rounding out the top 10 cannabis social media influencers is rollthis.passthat. Over 100K follow this account on Instagram. Rollins. Passat’s account focuses on implementing cannabis into artwork. Its Instagram profile is the most colorful of this list and almost every post includes marijuana creatively added. From sketches and paintings to photographs and videos, this account is perfect for anyone who enjoys artistic takes on ordinary life.


Coming in at 11 on the social media influencer list, but not for lack of interesting posts, is Cheeba Chews. In 2009, the company began, and since then, its accolades are abundant. 800 stocked dispensaries, 14 edibles, and four Cannabis Cups later, this brand has built a presence in California, Colorado, and Nevada. It is known for its edibles, and have a variety of taffy and gummies for sale.


Ry Prichard has been deemed the Cannabis Encyclopedia for his knowledge of all things marijuana. 343,000 followers on Instagram and almost 3,000 on twitter follow to engage with his broadcasts as co-host and Cannabis Specialist on Viceland’s Bong Appétit, as well as to see his marijuana-inspired photography. On his website, he markets himself as a “cannabis photographer, writer, and researcher”. He has worked for a variety of businesses doing cannabis reviews and writing blogs. Through his writing, he has also contributed to such publications as Newsweek, The Cannabist/Denver Post, Thrillist, High Times, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, Slate, and others. He was also featured on the documentary Rolling Papers.

Montel Williams

If Montel Williams isn’t a household name for his experiences on The Montel Williams Show, in the US Navy, and on All My Children, he may be recognizable for his work with MS, the reason behind his advocacy for medical marijuana. After his diagnosis in 1999, Williams began supplementing his daily pills with vapes. His daily struggle motivated him to launch his own company, “Lenitiv Labs” which makes and sells cannabis oil and 50 MG hemp-derived CBD gel capsules to California and Oregon. His verified Instagram is @montel_williams, and he regularly posts about his journey through life with MS and how the products that he sells help him daily.

Dr. Sanjay

            Dr. Sanjay Gupta, along with being vocal about neurosurgery and working with CNN as the network’s Chief Medical Correspondent, is a strong proponent for medical marijuana. He regularly advocates for it on his show, “Vital Signs”. He reports on the trends in medical marijuana and his Instagram and Twitter (@drsanjaygupta) showcase his understanding through photos and promotion for a recent documentary titled, “Weed 4: Pot vs. Pills”.

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            For those who brand themselves individually, there are also those whose marriage doubles as a business partnership. That’s the case for newlyweds Alice and Clark, who started @thathighcouple and a subsequent Youtube channel, That High Couple, about marijuana. Whether its blunts, bowls, vape pens, or edibles, this California couple does it all. 30,000 subscribers and nearly 19,000 Instagram followers engage with this couple via cannabis-fueled trips through their daily lives.


            Eaze, which has gained popularity at the same time that other delivery services like Go Puff and GrubHub have, specializes in delivery cannabis. On, a quick address search could yield edibles, vaporizers, buds, capsules, etc. in a matter of minutes. With a loyal Instagram following of 17.5K, the delivery service is the first of its kind in the country, and only delivers to the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sonoma County, and Napa Valley.

           For all cannabis shopping needs, Jane West is here. Instagram account @shopjanewest and sell aesthetically pleasing bongs and culture of cannabis consumption for everyone, but especially women. West has been in the cannabusiness for years, and it shows in the quality of work that the brand does and the recognition it’s gotten from the likes of The New York Times, Forbes, ABC, FOX, Rolling Stone, and HERB. Shop Jane West is a can’t miss for trendy cannabis.

            Cheryl Shuman has taken her passion for cannabis all over the world. After founding her cannabis lifestyle brand, Shuman took her talents to the road, attending conferences and creating an innovative campaign based on the eastern sweep of medical marijuana legalization. Her blog focuses on trends in marijuana and her company, The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, has celebrated the interests of cannabis enthusiasts since 1996. Her Instagram @cherylshuman boasts 15K followers and her brand focus on luxury products.

            Rounding out the list with the last three social media influencers is Jeremy Szafron. Szafron refers to himself as a Cannabis Reporter, and based on his vast knowledge of the industry and his cannabis news podcast, The Green Scene, we agree. Szafron speaks about cannabis in relation to beauty, medicinal purposes, and usage trends. Almost 14K follow the Canadian journalist on Instagram to see his adventures around the world and his implementation of cannabis into each one.

Bess Byers

           Bess Byers, or “Cannabis” as she’s known in the industry and @bessbyers on social media, is widely recognized for her public outcries to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram for the platforms’ Terms of Services policies. Byers, whose accounts are regularly taken down for violations of drug paraphernalia rules, started a campaign aimed at Instagram to hopefully affect a change in the censoring bylaws of the platform. Citing medical cannabis’ legalization, she hopes to affect a change in Terms of Services such that brands like hers can effectively market their goods and services on social media.


To close out the top 20 cannabis social media influencers that you should be following. We end with Aaron Justis. Justis, found on Instagram at @aajustis, has been featured on High Times Magazine as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis in May 2018. The winner of 26 High Times Cannabis Cups, Justis’ company, “Buds & Roses” has a long history of quality customer growth and premier-quality cannabis in the Los Angeles area. Buds & Roses aims to produce a luxury experience while educating consumers about the benefits of cannabis.

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