How to Market Your Cannabis Business

Effective marketing is imperative to the growth and success of any cannabis business, especially if it’s a new business. But with the current restrictive and ever-changing cannabis regulations, many marijuana businesses are finding it hard to navigate the mesh of advertising restrictions that the state has placed on marijuana startups.

How to Market Your Cannabis Business

It’s even more difficult to build national awareness across the numerous state and federal laws. Yet you still need to get your business out there if you are to make any profits. So today we share some tips on how to navigate around the legal roadblocks and advertise your cannabis business successfully.

Use Content Marketing To Brand Your Business

There are almost 4 billion people in the world searching for information on the web on a daily basis. These are your potential customers if you can get them to learn about your business.

One way to drive them to your business is through your website. Create a website to show the products and services you offer. Also, create content that gives helpful information to your customers and potential customers. The advantage of a website is that the content focuses on organic search growth and you have few legal restrictions on what you put up.

Here, just like in social media you must research your niche market first to know the demographics of your customers. It will help you target your marketing campaign.

Use Social Media Networks

According to Statista, in 2017, the USA had about 208.91 million social network users, equivalent to 75% of the country’s population. This is likely where you will find most cannabis consumers and it can be a great place to spread awareness about your business. Popular network sites like Facebook and Twitter can be very effective in promoting your business.

Use Web-Based Video To Advertise Your Business

YouTube and other web-based video channels have become valuable marketing tools. One viral video can drive a multitude of people to your business. Take time to create high-quality videos that will attract customers to your business.   

Market Your Business In Cannabis Magazines

Advertising in industry-specific magazines has many benefits. One, the people who subscribe to such magazines have an interest in the industry. This gives you a ready clientele. Secondly, more people view your ad and for a longer period. Just imagine one magazine placed in a doctor’s waiting room. How many people see it? Quite a lot.

How to Operate a Cannabis Business in the Most Cost-Effective Manner

However, expect a lot of competition from businesses similar to yours. They will also have their adverts in the magazine. So make an ad that is unique, memorable, and stands out from the competition.

Explore Possibilities Of Advertising In Non-Mainstream Publications

Most mainstream and national publications have a lot of restrictions and will not accept cannabis advertisements. But you can explore other publications to see if they can publish your ads. Consider their readership per issue. Will advertising with them give you positive returns on your marketing expenditure? If your answer is yes, then go ahead and advertise.

Use Speaking Opportunities

Take advantage of any speaking opportunities that come up in your region. Talk about your business and the cannabis industry in general. Depending on the nature of the meeting, you don’t have to try to make direct sales at this point. Aim just to create awareness and knowledge about how cannabis helps people and can be used safely and legally. These appearances can help to consolidate your position as an authority in the cannabis industry.

Advertise Through Corporate Gifts

Who doesn’t want a gift on that memorable day? A birthday, wedding anniversary, or just as a mark of appreciation. 

You can market your business easily through gifts. Look for unique and memorable gifts. Brand them with your company’s name or logo and give them out to your clients and employees.  The right gift can make your employee or customer feel most valued and you will be advertising your business in their homes and offices. 

And what’s more, you don’t need to have gifts that will make you break the bank. Some pocket-friendly promotional materials to use as corporate gifts include home or personal care products, desktop card holders, and t-shirts.

8. Use Your Personal Contacts

Introduce your business to your family members, friends, and neighbors. They will spread the word for you for free.  Some of them could even become your clients. Make sure to give them your business card after your interaction in case they want to contact you later.

Finally, here is what you must not do

Do not advertise cannabis products and services to minors. Be careful about age restrictions on advertisements and abide by them. Cannabis products suffer from stigma mainly because they have been illegal for long and have not yet gained wider acceptance. So, branding and marketing your business is difficult and you need to use innovative methods to succeed.

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