The Growing Cannabis Business in Spain

Spain’s first cannabis social clubs emerged in the early 1990s as a political movement that sought to fight for the constitutional rights of cannabis users. One of the primary goals was to provide safe access to quality marijuana and to protect consumers from dealing with the black market. Today’s CSCs exist on a spectrum. And while two distinct clubs may be located in the same city. Chances are their policies and ethics couldn’t be more different. See the growing cannabis business in Spain from here.

The Growing Cannabis Business in Spain

At one end is the altruistic cultivator who believes in his or her constitutional right to form an association to grow and share marijuana. At the other is the savvy dealer who sees a cannabis club as a reputable front for black market produce. More recently, the ongoing threat of police raids has forced many legit clubs to stop cultivating on-site and instead buy from the black market. Turning the original purpose of the model on its head.

In Spain

In Spain, due to the accomplishment of the “clubs” that have sprung up since 2011, cannabis has turned into a profitable business. Everything started in the same year when cannabis activist figured out how to utilize a defect in Spain’s anti-smoking enactment enabling them to utilize cannabis in the enclave and private spaces. The state has deliberately ignored these unworthy affiliations. Were just enrolled individuals have the privilege to smoke openly. From that point forward, “cannabis clubs” have prospered all through Spain. From finished products, for example, cannabis candies and beverages. To specific facilities and tourism, a whole economy has prospered around the plant, despite the fact that its generation stays unlawful in Spain. Correspondents have investigated both general societies and concealed side of this growing industry in Spain.


Presently, there are up to 800 of them nationwide, uniting countless “partners” and dealing with a huge number of Euros every year. From the selling of finished goods to tourism and therapeutic care. This “green gold” has produced a whole economy.

A Brіеf Ovеrvіеw Of Cаnnаbіѕ Sаtіvа Strаіnѕ

However, the mystery is that cannabis cultivation stays illicit in Spain. For the club members to get supply, innovativeness is an absolute necessity. This is the concealed side of the business is found. All together for the clubs’ proprietors to connect with nonclub members. You must gain their trust.


A large portion of the general population in the cannabis clubs are in their thirties and are eloquent with the language of correspondence and trade, splendidly mindful of what can and can’t. Be given and said to non-members. Being aware of their commitment to the Spanish economy. They are currently focused to utilize their full impact with the goal that cannabis is legitimized in Spain. Much the same as in some US states, for example, Colorado. They have every expectation that in such manner, Spain will turn into a model for the rest of the world to follow.

More often than not, it’s fine to be growing marijuana on private property. However, if a nosy neighbor happens to report yo., The police are still able to come and take your plants away. Although it’s unlikely, discretion is advised. The attitude is slowly changing in terms of law enforcement, and law reform is slowly taking place.

Plentiful product

“Cannabis resin has always been a very plentiful product in Spain, like in France, or Italy. And is also the case that now the herb is more frequents that cannabis resin. So in this sense, Spain is part of a general European trend”. Laurent Laniel, a scientific analyst for drug supply reduction at the EMCDDA told Euro news from Lisbon.


The Spanish region of Catalonia (where Barcelona is located) has legalized medical marijuana, and patients will have to go to cannabis clubs to obtain and use marijuana. The legalization of medical cannabis in Catalonia has led to Barcelona being a hub for many cannabis clubs. Over 400 exist throughout the region. The Department of Health has also legalized Sativex for patients in Catalonia. It is a cannabis-based medicine for patients of multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Cannabis Drug

There is no doubt that cannabis is a trendy drug right now. The risk perception of cannabis is very low. In Spain, we have lived through a heroin epidemic in the eighties, a cocaine epidemic in the late nineties and we dealt with them. I think society will only realize the potential harm of cannabis in the future when those that are now abusing the drug will seek help.


However, since Spanish drug laws cannot reach into homes and other privately-owned spaces. The reaches of the state’s drug policy is limited to public space.

“The beauty of growing one’s own cannabis at home is that it completely eliminates the need to incur the infraction of buying and carrying it out in the street, where they can bust you. By virtue of this, there is no law being broken, since what one does at home is not the state’s concern”

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